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If you have any question, please contact us.


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    INFRARED or IR are electromagnetic waves that generates a wavelength which travel through air until they come into contact with solid objects such as furniture, ceilings and human beings. Infrared heating is based on this radiant warmth.

    Infrared heating provides an even spread of heat across the room warming people and objects directly, which in turn re-radiate the warmth back into the room. The gentle rays that are emitted by the infrared heating system are causing bodies to warm up, just like in a typical sunny day. 

    Infrared heating systems work as compact floor, ceiling, or wall heating options in the form of an extremely thin heating film (0.4mm) made of laminated carbon fibres.

    Future proof EPC grades such as A , B or C can be achieved providing sufficient insulation of the property. 

    The running costs of the system often depend on many factors such as:

    • – Individual tariff
    • – Materials used
    • – Season
    • – Insulation used
    • – Running time

    The monthly running cost can be as little as £75 pcm *

    *based on 40m2 flat with sufficient insulation 

    here is no scientific evidence of negative impact on health. In fact, it has been used for many years in medical field. The infrared is safe and natural for the bodies, with the various health benefits such as:

    • – Lower blood pressure
    • – Weight Loss
    • – Stress Relief
    • – Boost Immunity

    Convection heating only warms the ambient air in the room. Infrared heating system heats up all objects in the room. The warmth is evenly spread. 

    We provide innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, that help our clients get the most out of their spaces and significantly improve the quality of their everyday home and work life.
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